Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It annoys me how I...
a) never feel like updating, and yet–
b) I WANT my blog to update.

Tonight, almost definitely (almost).

Friday, July 9, 2010

Now unavailable at a local art fest near you!

So 'The Box of Ideas 2' was supposed to launch at Urbanscapes about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to the horrific asshole printers (...printers who are assholes, not printers who print assholes), this plan did not come to fruition. THIS MEANS that the promotional copy that I wrote for our booth was not gonna be used. Which sucks because I really like it. So I'm gonna put it up here for the enjoyment of anyone who happens to stumble upon it. It's the second chapter in the adventures of Little Jimmy, the official Box of Ideas almost-mascot. For the First part, check it out on the site over here.

And now, Little Jimmy at Urbanscapes:

Little Jimmy is in Sentul, slightly giddy on ideas. He doesn't like this part of town much, the noise and smoke from the traffic really gets on his nerves. Almost subconciously, Jimmy makes his way for greener pastures. He finds himself in Sentul West.

Sentul West is an entirely different story from the rest of town. It's grassy, it's peaceful, it's beautiful. Jimmy is reinvigorated by the environment. He even manages to take a deep inhale of the crisp, fresh air before a dreadfully familiar voice makes him choke on his own spittle.

"Hey, kawan! Long time no see!" It was the tauke from the kopitiam.

Jimmy recovers from his coughing fit in time to ask, "What are you doing here?"

The tauke grins his toothless grin. "Up ahead there today got festival. A really really big one! With food and bazaar and music and shows. I'm taking my whole family to go see!"

Jimmy looks around and as far as he can tell, the old man is alone. 

Tauke then gives Jimmy a conspiratorial wink. "I'm also going there to try and sell boxes," he confesses in a whisper.


"Ya, I think there is a market for it. Hopefully people will want to-"

"Well good luck la," Jimmy interrupts with a weak smile and tries to hurry away, but the tauke deftly links arms with him and leads him towards Urbanscapes.

"Oh yes," he continues unabated, "hopefully people will buy. I mean, everyone needs a good idea now and then."

Yessir, Box of Ideas 2 shall be launched at Urbanscapes on the 26th of June!
(not anymore!)